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Our mission is to give heartfelt hospitality that cultivates meaningful relationships.

At Cornerstone Restaurant Group, it’s not just what goes on the table, but what goes on around it that really matters. We understand that our guests want more than the average dining experience – more flavor, more connection, more value, more genuine hospitality, more discovery with every visit. These are the ingredients we bring to the table, every time.

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Our purpose: to make people H.A.P.P.I.


We are deeply committed to our guests. We find ways to say “yes” to create memorable experiences for every guest, every time.


Each of us succeeds because of the contributions of so many others. We are grateful for our guests, our co-workers & our community.


Passion is the engine that drives us forward. We put our heart into everything we do.


Our mission can only be realized if we are a successful business. We are constantly looking for new ways to build our business so we can make more people HAPPI.


We keep our word. We treat each other with respect. We do the right thing even when no one is looking.

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diversity, equity and inclusion

At Cornerstone Restaurant Group, we pride ourselves on an environment that prioritizes passion, appreciation, family, the impressive tenure and loyalty of our dedicated team members, and the cultivation of great restaurants that truly care about guests’ experiences. Our core mission is to give Heartfelt Hospitality that fosters meaningful relationships. Heartfelt Hospitality is the backbone of who we are, and just as we openly welcome all guests, we also embrace this philosophy when it comes to our valued team members.

What DE&I Means to Us:

Diversity: We aim to amplify the voice and presence of historically marginalized communities in all facets of our organization because we want our teams to be reflective of the guests we serve.
Equity: We work to provide equal access to employment and career advancement opportunities for all team members with a focus within the BIPOC community.
Inclusion: We celebrate and invite the unique and diverse perspectives of all individuals as it enriches our experiences, work environment and company culture.

Equity and inclusion work is not a linear path, but rather a continuous journey that we are deeply committed to embarking upon through education, dialogue, reflection, and thoughtful action. We know we may make missteps along the way, but we hope to learn and grow as a result and keep the conversations moving. We are actively engaging in conversations, initiatives, and other opportunities internally and with our Community Based partner organizations to continue to learn and advance racial equity at Cornerstone.

We are all on this important journey together.

Your Turn.