We passionately craft memorable, personalized experiences, that cultivate meaningful relationships.

Cornerstone Restaurant Group sees more than just what goes on the table. To us, every single meal is an experience, and that includes every facet accompanying that moment.


As both restaurant owners and operators, Cornerstone Restaurant Group possesses a comprehensive industry perspective.

CRG offers full-service management, concept and brand licensing and consultation services for the hospitality industry. Founded in 1993, CRG is a trusted partner for penetrating new markets, fortifying infrastructure, creating and enhancing brand standards, elevating financials and streamlining operations.



David Zadikoff

David was captivated by the hospitality industry at an early age when he lived in a hotel for a few years in South Africa. After immigrating to the U.S, David held multiple positions at various hotels, including Hilton and Hyatt hotels in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and Tampa. In 1992, he and John Albert created Cornerstone Restaurant Group, where the duo partnered with Michael Jordan to oversee all Michael Jordan-brand restaurants. Additionally, they manage ENO Wine Room (Chicago, San Francisco, D.C). In 2012, Cornerstone partnered with legendary chef Bill Kim to open bellyQ and urbanbelly. Outside of work, David enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, cycling, and listening to music.

Vice President

Danny McGowan

Industry leader Danny McGowan joined Cornerstone in 2017 as Vice President of Operations. Prior to joining Cornerstone Restaurant Group, McGowan served as a partner for Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises for more than 30 years, before founding his own consulting firm in 2015. His extensive background includes advising on notable brands such as Big Bowl, as well as creating retail product lines, expanding concepts across platforms and growing profits. Aiming to drive continued growth and development within Cornerstone, McGowan helps to oversee the group’s belly restaurants (bellyQ, urbanbelly), Michael Jordan’s Restaurant in Oak Brook and the multiple locations of Michael Jordan’s Steak House around the country. As Cornerstone Restaurant Group continues to grow, McGowan will be instrumental in guiding expansion, concept development and growth.

Brand Operations Manager

Josh Zadikoff

Growing up with family members spread internationally, Josh was fortunate enough to travel extensively and experience a variety of different cultures, always putting particular focus on their hospitality and food practices. After receiving his bachelor’s degree from University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, Josh decided to join the family business with his father, David Zadikoff, who founded Cornerstone Restaurant Group nearly 30 years ago. Josh’s first foray into the industry was as Assistant Manager at SolToro Tequila Grill and subsequently, he’s worked his way up through a variety of roles – including Food & Beverage Manager at Hyatt Regency Chicago, Assistant Executive Steward at Hyatt Regency Chicago, and Assistant General Manager at Michael Jordan’s Steak House in Chicago – before entering his current role at Cornerstone Restaurant Group in 2013. 



We are grateful for, and passionate about our guests, always providing a level of service above pretension, remaining sophisticated yet accessible to everyone.


We are each responsible for our own actions, decisions, attitudes, successes and failures and the consequences for them.


We embrace and consistently demonstrate personal accountability despite obstacles.


We will constantly strive to be the best in all we do, pushing ourselves to learn and grow.


We require transparency and integrity in our encounters.


We acknowledge every person’s contribution, regardless of their position or role in the company.


We believe each and every person plays an important role in our quest for success.


If we see an opportunity for improvement, it is our responsibility to speak up, get involved and help change things.


We believe that the community we have built should have a positive impact on our larger surrounding community by living our values and through personal contributions.

Our leadership team has 100+ years of restaurant experience, but we are still young at heart.

Be yourself, everyone else is taken.

Pick your friends wisely.  Michael Jordan, Bill Kim…yeah, we’re doing OK.

Pick your friends wisely.  Michael Jordan, Bill Kim…yeah, we’re doing OK.

Pick your friends wisely.  Michael Jordan, Bill Kim…yeah, we’re doing OK.

7 concepts, 13 restaurants, 1 very bright future.

7 concepts, 13 restaurants, 1 very bright future.